Inflatable advertising is a popular way of advertising in recent years. You can print words, logo and other enterprise brand information on it, for the publicity and promotion of enterprise brand. Because of the low cost advertising mode and can be used repeatedly, this is one of the reasons that many companies like it.

Why inflatable advertising plays an irreplaceable role in marketing? Inflatable advertising changing shape, vivid. Set it in the promotion places can quickly attracted people’s attention. Only people who go into your field can make a certain understanding of your activities.

Shape, color, pattern of inflatable advertising can be customized according to the needs of users. Creative patterns and vivid shapes are more likely to attract people’s attention. This must be good for the effect of the activity. For advertising activities, one of the important links is the atmosphere of the scene.

GuangZhou YoYo amusement toys Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is one of the inflatable manufacturers in China. Our large-scale and well-equipped factory manufactures PVC inflatable games, which are used as bouncers, castles, combos, slides, etc. Especially in the water game, we provide the outstanding glue water technology and enjoy the reputation of good quality and service in the worldwide market, including Europe, USA, Australia and the Middle East.

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