inflatable games instructionInflatable manufacturers should provide instructions that contain at least the following requirements.

First, long-term supervision.
Second, tell the users how to use the inflatable games in a controlled and safe manner.
Third, the user’s maximum reach height is limited to the design height.
Fourth, the maximum number of users for one-time use is limited to the number required at design.
Fifth, the minimum number of operators is required.
Sixth, users need to take off their shoes.
Seventh, users are not allowed to wear any hard, sharp or dangerous items.
Eighth, during the operation, the user needs to take off the glasses.
Ninth, it is prohibited to carry or throw food, beverages, chewing gum and other garbage.
Tenth, must keep the exports open.
Eleventh, users are prohibited from climbing or hanging on the wall.
Twelfth, prohibit some wrong operations or methods.
Thirteenth, operators and staff need to look at the operation of inflatable products all the time.
Fourteenth, operators and staff need whistle or other tools that can attract the user’s attention when necessary.
Fifteenth, operators and staff need to separate tall and short users.
Sixteenth, when the blowers and internal fuel engines are being fueled, the inflatable games should be kept away from the blowers.

The above operating instructions do not have an important order and are all equally important instructions. When a major emergency or accident occurs, the manufacturer should also provide instructions.

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